Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Sign Its Saturday


It is hardly ever crowded and it flies the flag of another nation. What is it?


There are some attractions that you think once you've seen it, there is no need going back. Like 'it's a small world', the Swiss Family Treehouse used to be just such an attraction. Not any more. I can't quite put my finger on it, but there is something about it that keeps calling me back. Perhaps it is the romanticized notion of living in a treehouse. Something I still wouldn't mind trying on of these days.


Debbie V. said...

Nice sign. I always enjoyed the Alpine theme at Disneyland - in fact, waiting in line for the Matterhorn, listening to that polka or yodel or whatever you call it, was one of those moments I anticipated when I returned again. I don't think there's anything at Disneyland that I wouldn't see again.
I think I wrote somewhere about wearing out my copy of Swiss Family Robinson when I was a girl . It sat on my bedroom bookshelf held together by a rubber band. It was one of those Scholastic Book Club books I ordered in elementary school in the 1950-60's. It was as good as Christmas when those books came in.
I think the allure of things that have stayed the same is their ability to "take you there".

D.O.C. said...

Debbie, nice point about the ability to take you there. While I didn't have the book, I love the film! It is probably my favorite live-action Disney film: watched it as a kid and continue to watch it as an adult.