Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Pause for Reflection

In the course of every vacation to Walt Disney World there comes a time when you wish to find a place you can relax. Some times this means going back to your resort. Personally, I don't consider going back to a resort as an option while a park is open. So I tend to find places within the parks where I can go and pause for a while, let my mind and body relax and simply enjoy being in the moment.

The World Showcase in Epcot affords many places for this. One such place is Japan.

When I walk into Japan a sense of tranquility overtakes me; my spirit quiets. I'll find a place near the koi pond and watch the fish for while, or perhaps find a place to sit in the small garden near the Yakitori House. Or I may walk back and visit the exhibit in the Bijutsu-kan Gallery. If I am visiting during the International Flower & Garden Festival, the opportunity to admire and study bonsai is an added enjoyment.

The Torii Gate is a symbol of Japan and marks the entrance to a sacred place. In the World Showcase, it welcomes you to walk inside, enjoy the offerings of the culture and perhaps most importantly, rest for a moment from the rush and from the crowds.


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