Tuesday, October 26, 2010

List My 5

My wife loves to write! I have a blog and have been doing a fairly decent job of putting content up more regularly, but I must admit, my wife is the real writer in the family. She is the published one. She writes daily and she is constantly looking for new sources and new things to write.

But while she awaits the next big project she ties herself over with writing "how-to" articles for a site called eHow (I mentioned this back on 09.28.09) and now with a new site that she found called List My 5. It is a site dedicated to Top Five lists and she has offered up a few that I thought may be of interest to the readers of The Disney Obsession. One that she wrote outlines the Top Five Most Popular Disney and Disney Pixar Animated Films. Not a bad first effort. Another has to do with her thoughts about her Top Five Disney Blog Sites. It was touch and go there for a bit, but this blog made the cut. If it hadn't, chances are you wouldn't be hearing about List My 5 from me.

Why the Disney stuff? Well, in our household it is hard to go a day without 5-10 good Disney mentions. Being married to a Disney geek meant she had to write something about it I suppose.

Now, here is where you come in. Do me a favor and click on the links above and visit my wife's List My 5 articles. She would love to have you comment and rate her articles. And if you do, tell her that her husband sent you.

Thanks. And,

More to follow...

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