Friday, October 22, 2010

Flashback Friday

Editors Note: Last week I posted an article including some old Adventurer's Club photographs. I called the post A Blast from the Past. I crave your indulgence as I change the name of what will become that series. Now I think I'd prefer to title these little walks down memory lane, Flashback Friday. Having said that, let's move on.

Whenever I am approaching a trip to Walt Disney World I look forward to when I am close enough that I enter what I call the "this time next week" mode. It is when I think about my trip plan, what I'll be doing seven days from that day. The sad thing about this is that it is accompanied by the "this time last week" mode which is rather depressing. But today, I am in the "this time next week" mode. No, it isn't a trip to Walt Disney World (though it has been since July that I've been there and I am missing it very much). The trip is to St. Louis.

Now let me say, I love St. Louis! I have a lot of great memories visiting my paternal grandparents who lived there. Though it isn't so much where I am going this time as it is about who I am going with.

This is a father and son road trip weekend!

I have not had one of these with my son in ages. His being a father of three and having a job that takes him away from home frequently, makes these types of trips difficult. When he is home he needs to be with his children instead of out looking for adventure with his father.

But "this time next week" my son and I are on the road north! On Friday evening he and I will be two of the many thousands who will file into the Scottrade Center to enjoy the Roger Waters "The Wall" Concert (if you follow me on Facebook, that will explain the frequent reference to "Wall" lyrics these past few weeks). Then on Saturday we'll visit the St. Louis Zoo together for the first time since he was child and then run over to the Missouri Botanical Garden. While we're in Forest Park, we'll also visit the St. Louis Art Museum to view the Van Gogh's, the Picassos, the Warhols and the Lichtensteins. And I am sure there will be a meal or two thrown in; perhaps somewhere in Laclede's Landing.

The main thing though is the opportunity to spend over 48 hours of uninterrupted time with my son! That is the main thing and the best part of "this time next week". Long conversations, recalling old memories and making new ones, laughing and singing, dreaming. Yes, "this time next week" we'll make up for a lot of lost time.

As for Flashback Friday, well, here is a photograph taken way back when Disney's Hollywood Studios went by another name and my son and I endeavored to have our photographs taken with as many Kodak Picture Stop signs as possible.

More to follow...


Stephanie said...

Love the Flashback Friday!!! Great idea!!!!! There's nothing more fun than looking through old albums and seeing how things have changed and grown and how big the kids are now vs. when they were babies!! And laughing at fashion trends too!

Heather said...

Hey there! Just an fyi, as I live in the STL area, "Boo at the ZOO" will take place next Sat. Oct. 30th
SO, I would recommend coming a bit later in the day as it is usually jam packed in the early hours with kiddos and parents trying to get all the trick-or-treating in..
Also, and pardon me if you have already read up on this, the Zoo will be open that evening 5:50-8:30 but will charge admission $5...

D.O.C. said...

Heather, I did not know this so thank you for posting it. We would have just shown up and fought the crowds. So perhaps the Botanical Gardens first, museum second and then end with the zoo.

Stephanie, there were some odd fashion choices in those days, but looking back makes me miss hair too.