Wednesday, October 20, 2010

if i lived in central florida i'd...

... find a remote place in the world showcase, perhaps the gardens in the back of the united kingdom pavilion and have a seat. there i'd pull out my journal and begin to write. i'm not sure what i'd write, but i'd write.

there was a time when i lived in england and life was considerably slower. then i had a favorite pub i'd like to go and write in. i got a lot of writing done in those days. now, not so much.

i miss it.


Rae said...

You know you're always welcome back in England any time you want to come and visit! I have a coffee shop I go and write in although, like you, I don't get the chance so often now. Which pub did you go and sit in?

D.O.C. said...


It was in London, The Angel and Crown near Leicester Square. Actually on the corner of St. Martin's Lane and New Row. They had a nice little alcove away from the bar with various theatrical posters for wall decoration. I don't know; it was just a good place to sit and write.

And... one never knows, Gerrie and I may one day find ourselves back in your fair land.