Thursday, September 30, 2010

I'm 3 Today!

Today is the 3rd anniversary of The Disney Obsession and I thought I'd like to say two things about blogging.

The first is this. Blogging is not easy. I have over the course of these three years come to appreciate the time it takes to compose a blog. There are some who have taken their passion for Disney, placed it into the format of a blog, and then taken it to a level that I can only dream of. This is not me. I do well to have ten items posted each month and maintain that solely because I set myself a goal of doing so. Thankfully my love of photography and giving myself a little latitude on content helps me to do this. But knowing how time consuming the research and writing of a good blog can be, I do wish to commend all those Disney bloggers who make the effort to provide you and me with consistently good content.

The second is this. Blogging has expanded my circle of friends and I know that whenever I find myself in Walt Disney World (which is not as often as I wish), I usually have the opportunity of sharing a few hours with a number of different people. But when I am not there, the friendships continue. In the course of these three years I have developed a few very close friendships and while distance keeps us from visiting often, they are the type of friendships that I feel would develop into the kind of friendship where I could call anytime day or night and they'd be there. I know that I would be there for them. Friends is the best part of working away at The Disney Obsession. It is a way of honoring the friendships that I have gained and have yet to gain by sharing a passion for Disney.

So to my old friends, new friends and friends yet to be made, thanks for reading. I promise to keep working at this and who knows, from time-to-time, I may actually come up with something that will make you stop and say, "Huh!"


Unknown said...


Hard to believe that you are one of the old-timers, eh?

Unknown said...

3 years! That's awesome! Gives me more reasons to keep up my blog.. I wonder if I'll make 3 years...

Greg said...

George, I suppose I am one of the "old guard". Okay, at least old.

DisneyBabies. Believe, if can do it, anybody can. All the best with moving forward.