Friday, August 15, 2008

Life Is A Highway

In keeping with yesterday's "take it slow" theme, I thought I would share just a bit about this coming weekend for Mrs. Doc and myself. It's road trip weekend!

Every so often we like to take drives (even with gas prices as they are). We haven't really come up with a really good name for these little adventures. I call them Two-Lane Tennessee. But that isn't always fitting because we sometimes find ourselves on four-lane roads and, as is the case this weekend, it isn't always in Tennessee. The point is, we do not get on an interstate. The entire journey must begin and end without driving even one foot on an interstate.

That is the "take it slow" potion of the idea, to get off the impersonal interstates and take the more personal backroads. I recommend William Least Heat-Moon's Blue Highways for a broad idea of what can be experienced when you drive the backroads. I also recommend Road Trip USA by Jamie Jensen for inspiration. I know I want to try a few of his recommended routes. Incidentally, for you North Carolinians, he has a route that takes you through Ashville and Maggie Valley.

This weekend we're off on an Elizabethtown pilgramage. We're driving up Highway 31 W, the Dixie Highway, from Nashville to Louisville and experiencing some of the scenary that served as a backdrop in the Orlando Bloom film Elizabethtown. Then in honor of Mrs. Doc's birthday we'll be staying the evening on the Club Level of The Brown Hotel. Dinner? I hear there is a nice French Onion Soup at The English Grill Restaurant. Next day, back home to Tennessee, but not before we enjoy more of whatever it is we can find.

Now, to keep it Disney, let me share a little something we found on a prior back road adventure.

Ryan, all of the E-town soundtracks are loaded and queued up on the iPod. Along with a little Disney. Oh, and everyone, don't tell Mrs. Doc. It is all a surprise.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Disney World After Dark: A Bridge

I would be one of the first to admit that I do not spend a lot of time in the Italy Pavilion. Though beautiful and striking in its architecture, there is simply not a great deal that draws me into the area. But I am trying to change that.

The more and more that I go to Walt Disney World (I don't go as much as some, but quite a bit more than others) I discover that there is so much more to be seen and enjoyed. One only needs to slow down. So, I am trying to do that. I have known for quite some time that there is more to The World than "E" Ticket attractions or familiar haunts. Face it, we all have our lists of "must do" attractions, rides, shows, restaurants, and so forth. And I am no different; I am a creature of habit. But habits can change.

For example, when Mrs. Doc and I travel to Walt Disney World in September, we will be staying at a resort that we've not stayed in before. And in looking at our ADR's, our only repeat dining destination will be lunch at Les Chefs de France (I have a weakness for Soupe a l' oignon gratinee and Assiette de fromages de France accompanied by a nice Cabernet Sauvignon). All of our other reservations are at restaurants we have yet to enjoy.

So Doc, what does this have to do with Italy? Italy is my way of demonstating a need to slow down a bit and enjoy things. It is my "Poster Pavilion." It is my reminder that too often I pass hidden treasures in my rush from one "must do" to another. I am the only that does this right? And the bridge? The bridge is a destination for September 27th. I plan to slow down, walk to the middle of this bridge and kiss the one person who helps me to slow down; my wife, the love of my life.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Where In The World

The last time we took our photographic quest in doors and Craig Wheeler of Earning My Ears and Running to Disney was the first to chime in. Craig determined that the upstairs window can be found in Mexico. As many of you know the interior of the pyramid plays host to quaint little market, the Plaza De Los Amigos. A few trinkets once found there can now be found in the humble home of Doc and Mrs. Doc. Me, I like to stop across the promenade and pick up something to cool down my inside then stroll around the Plaza cooling down my outside.

Congratulations Craig.

Now, to a new picture and a new challenge. Where In The World would you find this little fella'?

Oh and while you're online, stop by Imaginerding and wish our good friend George Taylor a Happy Birthday! You'll be a little late, but that is okay. I am sure he'll still appreciate the wish.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Reflections of Earth

We know that our heroes, the Imagineers, delight in placing hidden treasures around the world. It’s a game. They hide them, we find them. The most popular is the Hidden Mickey. But there are others. The Hidden Baloo or the Hidden Jafar are just a few examples.

Now, how about a Hidden Spaceship Earth? How would you hide something that large? I don’t know. Is there such a thing as a Hidden SSE that I have missed? It is possible I suppose.

This isn’t a Hidden SSE, but it is a photo of the reflection of Spaceship Earth.

Um. It sounds as though I may have a project for my September trip; take reflective photos of Spaceship Earth. The things we can come up with to help us justify going to Walt Disney World. As if joining friends for dinner or celebrating the Final Hoopla are not enough.
If you have a photograph of a “Reflective SSE” or another reflective photo that you would like to share, send it along and become a part of The Obsession.