Sunday, April 27, 2014

At the corner of Hollywood and Sunset

If you have followed this blog for a short time, or a long time, you realize that I love to take photographs in the parks.  This is also true for after the sun has gone down. I still have much to learn with low light photography and believe that practice makes perfect.  So most trips to the parks includes some time to unpack the tripod, get out the remote shutter control, and have some nighttime fun.

One of my favorite parks to explore in the evening is Disney's Hollywood Studios.  I love the art deco design of Hollywood Blvd. and Sunset Blvd.  And the neon adds a design element that I appreciate just as much.  Here is nighttime look at Disney & Co. from the corner of Hollywood and Sunset.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

If Ever...

… you and I get separated while in Epcot, this is where you shall find me. I'll either be on the bridge looking into France or on a bench, absorbing the atmosphere. Perhaps I'll be in Le Petite Rue, sitting at a cafe table with a glass of wine and a baguette, looking up at a window, dreaming.  After all, it is what I do best.  Dreaming. 

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Take the Last Train to...

There are many behind the scenes tours of Walt Disney World that I would like to take. My trouble is that I seldom wish to give up precious time in the parks (onstage) to go behind the scenes (backstage). Over the course of my many trips to the parks, I have only managed two tours. The first was the Keys to the Kingdom Tour. Great tour and highly recommended. 

My second tour was this past November when two very dear friends and I woke up before dawn to make our way to the Magic Kingdom for the Magic Behind Our Stream Trains Tour. Again, a great tour and highly recommended. 

For me, no trip to Walt Disney World is complete without a grand circle tour of Walt Disney's Magic Kingdom. But I never fully appreciated the story and mechanics behind the trains. This tour fueled my understanding and appreciation of these marvelous engines. 

Our tour ended in the lobby of Main Street Station, having rode aboard the Walter E. Disney to get there. This is where our photo for today was taken.

Note:  During our tour we learned that the steam engines are in danger of being replaced by diesel engines that will have the appearance of steam engines. Trains were a core part of Walt Disney's life and the steam engines are reminder of that. They are part of the nostalgia that some of us love about the parks in general and Main Street in particular. If you care about preserving a part of Walt's heritage and the beauty of these engines, consider signing the petition at Save Disney Steam. And, next time you're in Walt Disney World, wake up early and go take the tour. You too will have a whole new appreciation for steam.