Monday, August 23, 2010

On 'if i lived in central florida'

From time to time I will include a short post about what I’d be doing if I lived in Central Florida. This has ranged from grabbing a Dole Whip in Adventureland to experiencing every exhibit found in Innoventions. Essentially, it is my way of going from day to day, here, away from Walt Disney World. I pause and wonder what I’d do if I were close enough to drop by the World on the way home.

I have this sense that I am not alone in my thinking. It is safe, I feel, to assume that there are several of you reading this who have had the same thought. You’ve asked yourself the question, “What would I be doing if I were in Walt Disney World right now?” You’ve probably said, “I wish I could live close to the parks.” Truthfully, there is not a week that goes by that I haven’t thought that once, twice, well several times.

My trips to the parks are packed; too packed at times. Three of my last five trips have only allowed me to be in the parks for two days. While I love the opportunity to be there, for even a short period of time, it is too quick. To fast. It goes by so fast and it affords so little time to fully take in the parks. We, you and I, know that the parks are filled with so much to be experienced and explored, and it is constantly changing. We also know that nothing short of living within an easy morning, afternoon or evening drive will give us the time we need to truly find all that is there to be found. A backstage tour during my last trip re-enforced that to me. That, and instilled the desire to take a tour with every new trip.

The parks change. Yes, this is both good and bad. I am sure I am not the only one who wishes I could once more explore Horizons or take another trip through the World of Motion. And I would love the opportunity to tap the riches of my imagination with Figment, and, The Dreamfinder. But we need to remember what Walt Disney himself once said, “Disneyland is something that will never be finished. Something that I can keep developing, keep plussing and adding to. It’s alive. It will be a live, breathing thing that will need change.” We can be sure that this same spirit lives in Walt Disney World. So while we can look fondly back on those attractions of the past, we can look forward with great anticipation for the new things on the horizon.

This is what “if i lived in central florida” means to me. It is the chance to anticipate what is will be new, while enjoying the things of the past. It is the opportunity to not be rushed. It is the time needed to fully and completely enjoy everything the parks present to us; more than what can be taken in during a week, two weeks, or even a month. Someday I’d like to have that time, and barring that, I’d like to be close enough to visit frequently and savor all the flavors of Walt Disney World.

I’d sit and watch and listen to a complete fountain cycle; two or three times.

I’d experience every attraction in Innoventions.

I’d find a place to sit in every pavilion on the World Showcase, for hours.

I’d visit every special event.

I’d find a park bench on the second level of the Main Street Station and watch the day go by.

Yes, if i lived in central florida i’d ...


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Greg said...

Anonymous, that day may come on day. But that is another post.

adisneymomsthoughts said...

great post! I would get a mickey mouse ice cream bar, sit on the curb on Main Street watching people and wait for the parade if I lived in central florida tonight!

Anonymous said...

Just think...if you lived in central Florida, you could save all that travel expense and apply it to visiting Alaska.

Unknown said...

I would listen to every musical act straight thru