Monday, January 17, 2011

Something On A Sunday - The Monday Edition

I spent most of my day yesterday with my daughter and son-in-law, enjoying a nice lunch, great conversation, and a good many laughs along the way. Then, my wife and I had three of our five grandchildren over to spend the night. The girls were watching The Pacifier in one room and I thought it was time for the grandson to watch TRON; especially since I am taking him to see TRON: Legacy this afternoon.

It is things like this that take good days and make them into great days!

It is also the reason why there was no Something On A Sunday posted yesterday. So, in my attempt to keep 'with the program', here is yesterday's Something On A Sunday.
Manitou Springs, Colorado 02.05.10

I could live there. I realize as often as I make a statement like 'I could live there' or 'If I lived in Central Florida...', that is could lead someone to think that I am not content where I am. But I am! I love where I am, yet, I have always had a sense of wanderlust about me.

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