Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Sign Its Saturday

Not every sign needs to be of an attraction. When I consider the design work of the Imagineers, elements like these add to the immersive experience.
In late 2001 I was extended the invitation to spend two weeks teaching in Pokhara, Nepal. I would have flown into Kathmandu then taken a small regional flight to the western part of the country. Sadly, other events prevented this from happening and a teaching engagement in Switzerland and France could not be extended to include Pokhara. In a life lived with few regrets, this is one. The chance to been near the roof of the world would have been tremendous experience. One I still miss.

The closest I will now come to Himalayas, I suppose, is the fictional town of Serka Zong. We all imagine what we think something should be like, and thanks to Mr. Rohde and his team, I feel that this area of Disney's Animal Kingdom closely matches what I thought Nepal would be like; just as my travels in Zimbabwe fit what I always felt Africa should be.

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gerrie said...

I still remember the picture Brian and Trish sent us from their extended stay in Kathmandu. It was breathtaking. Yes, I'm sure Disney does help relieve some of the regret of not making it there when you were so close. Nice article Honey! And, I love the photo you chose to put here.