Sunday, January 9, 2011

And The Survey Says... Magic Kingdom

As I mentioned last week, there are times when you put out a poll and feel, with a good deal of confidence, it will turn out a certain way. This past weeks poll was one of those occasions. We asked, "Which park do you traditionally visit first?" And the survey says... Magic Kingdom!
This is the park entrance that 68% of you wish to see first; probably on a bright day filled with sunshine, and not overcast as when this photo was taken. Of the 16 people participating in the poll, 11 (68%) like to visit the Magic Kingdom first. Five people, or 31%, would rather walk through the turnstiles at Epcot first. And it seems that Disney's Hollywood Studios and Disney's Animal Kingdom are parks that can wait until later in the holiday.

Magic Kingdom was my choice. Although I count Epcot, and particularly the World Showcase, as my favorite park in Walt Disney World, I always wish to visit Magic Kingdom first. There is no single event that says "Welcome Home" quite as well as walking into the Magic Kingdom and down Main Street U.S.A.! Once I have done that, then the holiday can begin. With the few people who commented on their choice, it is much the same. There is that certain something about Main Street U.S.A. that exudes the sense of coming home. Mrs. Doc will be flying down to the World on 02.25 for a few days in the parks prior to the cruise on the new Disney Dream. We plan to meet friends for dinner at LeCellier that evening, but be assured, we will not set foot in Epcot until after we've experienced the magic of walking down that wonderful street and exploring the lands of the Magic Kingdom.

For this weeks poll let's look in the opposite direction. Instead of "which park you traditionally visit first", let's look at "Which park do you traditionally like to spend your last evening in?" Again, this may be predictable, but then, maybe not. I know my answer could very well change. And as always, if you'd like, feel free to leave a comment to let us know why you voted the way you did.

See you next Sunday.


Kristi Petersen Schoonover said...

I voted Magic Kingdom -- a 1971 baby, I haven't known a year, really, without WDW, and we were going back when MK was the ONLY park, and the Polynesian and Contemporary were the only hotels. Somehow, visiting MK on my last night reminds me that I will always be back.

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