Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Note from Mrs. Doc - The Disney Dream

My wife enjoys writing. From time to time she will add things to a site called List My 5. This is a site where people can contribute lists of five things, such as, Top 5 this or Top 5 that. Every so often she will add a list that has something to do with Disney. I suppose in our home, you can't go too long without admitting there is a strong Disney influence in our little piece of the world.

As an ongoing feature of The Disney Obsession, I will add articles from my bride that have some connection to that influence Disney has here. To start, she recently wrote about the new Disney Cruise Line ship, the Disney Dream, and outlined five characteristics unique to the Dream.


"Disney's newest ship, the Disney Dream is scheduled to leave from Port Canaveral for its Maiden Voyage on January 26, 2011. No matter what age, Disney fan or not, you will love all the unique offerings of the Disney Dream.

This is very first water coaster at sea ever! It's not for the faint at heart though as this coaster travels 765 feet and features an exciting ride down and around 4 decks. Part of the ride slides guests over the sea with nothing below but water. As the Disney folk say, "it’s splashtactular!"

"Magical Portholes
Guests whose quarters do not include a direct ocean view will still have a "room with a view." Those staying in the Inside Staterooms will see the exact same thing as those in Oceanside Staterooms thanks to Magical Portholes. Each Inside Stateroom has a real-time view of the sea. As an added surprise for those with Magical Portholes, guests will be able to see some of Mickey's animated friends stop and wave as they swim by their porthole from time to time.

"Sky Line
Adults have 9 clubs to choose from where they can get away for an adult beverage aboard the Disney Dream. The Sky Line boasts a digital fireplace, which is the only one of its kind in Disney's cruise ships. But the most unique offering of this club is the breathtaking, ever changing backdrop to the bar. Tall "windows" (7 LCD big screens) line a wall that offer a life-like view of some of the world's most beautiful skylines in the world. It is said to appear as if one is looking down from atop a high rise.

"Enchanted Art
Virtual art pieces can be found throughout the Disney Dream ship and are referred to as Enchanted Art. Each piece suddenly comes to life whenever someone walks up to them. Some will interact with the person in front of them and others will interact with another piece of art. These amazing Enchanted art pieces can be found in various art forms. Some will be photographs, some animated posters, oil paintings or paper models.

"It's Biggest Yet!
The Disney Dream is the largest of Disney's current cruise ships. She is 47,000 tons larger, 2 decks taller, 151 feet longer, and its beam is 15 ft wider than the other two Disney ships. The Disney Dream can hold 4,000 passengers and has 555 more crewmembers than the Disney Magic and Disney Wonder.

"Final Thoughts
There are several perks being married to someone who is, what I lovingly refer to as, a "Disney Geek." We are going on the Disney Dream in about 7 weeks. I am so excited!"


Looking at the calendar, we have 49 days until we sail! I am sure we'll have a bit more to say before we set out on this adventure, and afterwards.

Oh, and if you take a notion, here is a link; please drop by my wife's article and leave a comment. You can also comment here if you'd like.


gerrie said...

Thanks for adding my article to your post, and for the hyperlink as well. Writing together...isn't that sweet? Love you lots and can't wait for our Disney Dream date!

D.O.C. said...

Thanks for writing it. The Dream is 48 days from today.

Trace The Disney Dude said...

I can not wait! Lisa (of Those Darn Cats podcast) & me (Trace of The Disney Dudes) are going to be on The Dreams maiden voyage! Oh, and it will be our Honeymoon because we are getting married at Walt Disney World the day before, woot!

Alicia said...

That is so amazing... I bet Lisa is excited about this voyage too. That is a dream honeymoon that every couple wish to have on their wedding.