Saturday, January 29, 2011


I have been absent for a few days. Sorry. I will do my very best to get back into my regular routine soon; hopefully tomorrow. And who knows, maybe there will be some new content.

More on that a bit later.

I have made it a focus of this year, and all my years yet to come, to strive for happiness. Not that I am not happy, but I can be happier and I can work to sustain happiness for longer periods of time. Happiness is our right, you know, "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness." But it is also a choice. We have to choose to be happy. Then we have to choose to work towards being happy. And this requires choices. It may mean changes in lifestyles or habits. But the changes are worth it. As I have come to realize, and perhaps have written before, I have fewer and fewer "one of these days left in me", so perhaps I had better make the choices that lead to more happiness now!

But right now I just wanted to share a quote I reread this morning. It is comes from January 2011 issue of Real Simple magazine (I really like this magazine). The quote is:

"Happiness comes in small moments while you're pursuing the big stuff. After a while, the small moments become the point."
~ Marcia Menter

On this chilly Saturday morning, I wish for you and myself, many small moments.

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