Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Sign Its Saturday... a day late

Whenever someone asks me about planning a trip to Walt Disney World, about what they should see, what they should do, I will always tell them to look at all the attractions that are available in each park, then make a list of the ones you must do. This is especially true for the first time visitors as the parks taken as a whole can be quite overwhelming. But it can also be true for people who are repeat visitors. Before every trip I will think about each park and make my list of the attractions I must visit and the things I must do. I do that, just like I would pack for a trip.

When I consider Disney's Animal Kingdom, a walk through the Pangani Forest Exploration Trail usually finds it's way onto the list. Walking through the forest is peaceful. It is educational. Walking through the forest is nostalgic. It is a way that I can recall memories of spending a day walking through a forest with friends in Central Uganda.
Let me encourage you to add the Pangani Forest to your short list for Disney's Animal Kingdom.

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