Monday, January 17, 2011

And The Survey Says... Epcot

This past week we asked, "Which park do you traditionally like to spend your last evening in?" Through the course of the week fifteen people (including yours truly) participated in the poll and the survey says...
Epcot. But not by a large margin. The actual voting gave Epcot 8 votes (53%) to the Magic Kingdom's 7 votes (46%). The other parks, Disney's Hollywood Studios and Disney's Animal Kingdom received no votes in this weeks match up.

My vote was for Epcot. When I fly to Orlando, which I do for most of my visits, I will usually my return flight as the last possible flight on my departure day. This means I can get some time in a park before the Disney Magical Express delivers me safely back to MCO. But, it also means the night before my departure day is my last night in the parks. And for that, I prefer Epcot! I must experience IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth one last time and have the opportunity to walk (very) slowly around the World Showcase before making my way to the entrance. I have to stop just before going through the turnstiles, with the Cast Members waving good-bye with their Mickey hands. I'll stop and turn to look at Spaceship Earth. I'll stand there for a few minutes soaking it all in one more time. Then quietly say, "I'll be back soon."

That soon may be a few weeks, a few months, or longer, but it is always as soon as I can manage it. It is a departure tradition that my wife indulges me in. Perhaps you have a departure tradition? Please feel free to share!

But that was my vote and my reason. Now let's consider a new topic for the week. Which is your favorite park to visit after the sun goes down? Looking forward to seeing how this turns out and to reading your comments about your favorite nighttime park.


Stephanie said...

Sorry, I missed out on the poll, but I don;t knwo what I would have picked anyway! The last night varies for's the last day that is more important. We too book the latest flight possible (last time it was 7:45). Last day is always Magic Kingdom.

I just started my own Disney blog, would love it if you stopped by!!

Brianna said...

Great information! I am always thinking of where to bring my kids every time I get a chance to leave from work. I am a blog reader and your blogs are one of the must-read on my list. Thanks again for the information and I am looking forward for more of your post.

Heather said...

A few years ago, I would have said Magic Kingdom....But leaving with Wishes and Spectro was too sad~I love it, but it breaks my heart that we are no longer living there. So I have to share my Epcot story...In 2008 we had tried to turn in, and start packing, our youngest was 4 months old and he was ready to strech out in the pack n play.....However the extra magical hours went late the evening at Epcot, and my mom, stepdad, and older sons' had to return! Hubby stayed with the baby, while we went for one final cruise on Spaceship Earth. That was when I dicovered Mouse Gears was still open! We shopped until they closed, cast memembers were awesome as we shipped everything home to STL. I soon realized I was "that guest" the last one around......NO one else was there~yikes, I felt bad, but as we took the last steps through the stillness of the park, it was magical...walked through the turnstiles (the guard said "ok we are clear") and we headed for the bus. There were several waiting, but one drove up to us and the driver happily said "where are we going???" Such service!!! And since it was so late and we were the only ones on the bus, he drove us past the stop and a little closer to the builing were we in at OKW. The next morning came early, but that last night at Epcot will always be dear to my heart!

Stephanie said...

Oh how cool Heather!! We've never done that, but we've done early breakfasts. That is really cool too...walking up Main Street with almost no one around!