Saturday, February 9, 2008

Disney World After Dark: France - Part Deux

During my last “research” visit to Walt Disney World I focused primarily on photography. Specifically I wanted to come away with nighttime photographs and detailed photographs that I would reference for my pen and ink drawings. I am also toying with an idea for book so I was on the lookout for things related to that possibility too.

I had just completed a wonderful meal in Les Chefs de France and was walking around looking for interesting shots. There was a beautiful moon overhead which prompted me to look up. That is when I noticed a little detail of Imagineering. On the level above Les Vins de France as you enter Le Petit Rue is a window. The window is draped with a light muslin material and inside you see the faint flicker of a light. For me it conjures images Puccini’s La Bohème. It was not hard for me to imagine Rodolfo and Mimi happily sharing a meager meal in this garret.

Sadly, my photograph does not totally capture the atmosphere of the scene. But for me, it takes me to a time shortly after my first visit to Paris. I came home desirous of quick return and a bohemian lifestyle. Oh, the dreams of our romantic youth.

Vive le Imagineers!

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