Sunday, November 28, 2010

No Excuses... well, maybe one

If you follow The Disney Obsession regularly you know I have been trying to post on a more regular basis and so far I have been able to meet Number 2 on my I Am Resolved post from 01.01.10. But that has been due to have some regular features such as A Sign It's Saturday and Something On A Sunday that give me an easy eight posts. Truly, there are other things beside photographs that I have wish to write about, to continue, to create and so forth.

No excuses right? Well, maybe this one. If you've read the About Me page you know that I am a sometimes actor. That is what I am doing in my spare time at the moment - acting.
I may have posted this photograph before.

I am currently half way through a 6-week run of A Scattered, Smothered and Covered Christmas. That's right, Christmas Eve in a Waffle House. I play the role of Willie Wainwright; an alcoholic former preacher who is basically a good man, but has some family issues. The role doesn't have a lot of lines, but a lot of character and one very good song. In most tragedies there is a role written for comic relief. SSCC is a musical comedy and my character and my one very good song provides the tragic relief. I originated the role in the premier production in '05 and reprised it in '08. When the time came to produce the show in a new venue I got the call. I couldn't say no.

These past few weeks, amidst work and a show, I've been trying to keep up. But again, if you've read the About Me page you would have also read, "I have learned that I have fewer and fewer 'one of these days' left in my life, so I better get busy..." And that is what I did. I took the old actor out and brushed him off. If you happen to be in Nashville stop in and see the show. It will make you laugh and it will make you cry; but mostly, it will make you laugh. When you come it, tell 'em Willie sent you.

More to follow...


WDWDisneyDiva said...

oh my gosh this play sounds AMAZING! And your picture is DRAMMAAA at its finest :) hugs

D.O.C. said...

Thank you Krissy! I try.