Saturday, November 13, 2010

And The Survey Says... Pirates of the Caribbean

Was there ever any doubt? Well, actually there was. Until about mid-week the Jungle Cruise held a slight edge.

You will recall that last week's poll question was, "In Adventureland, which of these attractions is your favorite?" And here is the breakdown:

- The Enchanted Tiki Room Under New Management - 2 votes (8%)
- Jungle Cruise - 9 votes (36%)
- The Magic Carpets of Aladdin - 0 votes (0%)
- Pirates of the Caribbean - 14 (56%)
- Swiss Family Treehouse - 0 (0%)

Both of the big vote getters are classic Disney attractions; both very popular and both with their respective loyal patrons. But on this occasion, with this group of people voting, the Pirates win out. But many of you still enjoy the back side of water.

Now let's take a walk past Pirates and move into Frontierland for this weeks poll. In Frontierland, which of these attractions is your favorite? Is it Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Country Bear Jamboree, Splash Mountain or Tom Sawyer Island? I foresee two of these four fighting it out for top honors.

Cast your vote!


April said...

Darn, I was hoping my favorite birds would win in the end! ;)

Ian said...

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