Monday, November 8, 2010

Disney World After Dark: Germany

The World Showcase provides a plethora of opportunities, both day and night, for photography. Why just walking around the Promenade and visiting each country is an education in the history and styles of architecture. Maybe that is one reason why I enjoy my times there.

Consider Germany. If you stand at the entrance of the pavilion and pan your view from left to right you'll see a variety of styles that provide a broad canvas of what is German architecture. You have the clock tower with its specially designed glockenspiel. Below that is the village fountain with the statue of St. George Slaying the Dragon. Then on your right you have the merchants' hall patterned after the merchants' hall found in Freiburg. The difference? The hall found in Freiburg has four statues of German emperors: Maximillan I, Philip I, Charles V and Ferdinand I. The hall found here is without Maximillan I.
So when dusk falls upon the World Showcase, do not be so hasty to put away your camera. Keep it handy, turn off your flash, find a place to steady the camera and enjoy the experience.


Nancy said...

Still haven't been to Biergarten yet. Maybe next trip. Have you been there yet?

D.O.C. said...

Nancy, I have. It is great experience. Unless your party can fill a table of eight, you'll be seated with other people, so it is fun getting to know people. It is a buffet so food is plentiful and the entertainment is, well, entertaining.

Ian said...

This makes me smile... It is really amazing to see how big the world of Disney right now. It is all over the world giving smile to a lot of people. It is really amazing to see all of this improvement and all. Keep it up Disney.