Sunday, November 28, 2010

Something On A Sunday

Sitka, Alaska 05.27.09

As I have mentioned before, my wife and I took an Alaskan cruise in May '09, thus fulfilling a Bucket List item. And as I have also said before, I would do this again without hesitation. Our 49th state has so much to be seen and we saw just a small portion of it. We could return several times and still not experience everything this magnificent land has to offer.

The photograph above was taken during a shore excursion in Sitka. This totem is found in the Sitka National Historical Park.


Anonymous said...

Is this an authentic totem pole? I had no idea they still existed.
My dad served in the Aleutian Islands in WW2 and he has always wanted to go back.
My husband and I have never thought to discuss a bucket list, but that sounds like a good idea.

D.O.C. said...

Debbie, to the best of my knowledge it is. One of the emphasis of the park is the preservation of totems - there must have been 25-30 of them throughout the grounds. Of course, being from the South I would not know an authentic totem from a non-authentic one.

And... I highly recommend the bucket list; both as individuals and as a couple. My personal list I keep in the Dream Book which I wrote about on 03.31.10.

Ian said...

Well having this bucket list thing is really very interesting. I have seen the movie bucket list and the satisfaction that you achieve in doing what you desire is such a fulfillment. Nothing can stop you. I think that is true desire.