Friday, January 1, 2010

I Am Resolved...

I am not one who makes New Year’s resolutions on a regular basis. I have often found them more of a source of stress and therefore rarely make them. But a friend of mine asked the question this year and I got to thinking about it and discovered there are a few things would like to resolve myself to do.

So let us begin. Being a Disney geek, I put them in a Top Seven format to make it easier for those of you who are like minded.

Number 7

I am resolved to spend 7 days on the white sand beaches of the Gulf of Mexico. It used to be an annual event for my family to spend a week on the Gulf Coast, but as the family as grown it has become harder and harder to manage these trips. I have now gone two years without sitting and staring mindlessly at the horizon and listening to the surf. That changes this year.

Number 6

I am resolved to begin reading The Everyman’s Library “Essential 100”. I considered resolving to read the Pulitzer Prize winners over the past so many years, but then you have to consider which categories to read and then it raises the whole question of should I be reading the winners of the Nobel Prize for Literature. Then it could get ugly. No, the “Essential 100” provides a broad enough spectrum. Come to think of it, I still have the eleven volume The History of Civilization by Will and Areal Durant that I need to tackle. Maybe 2011.

Number 5

I am resolved to visit the Walt Disney World parks with as many friends as possible, whenever possible, with particular hopes of reuniting with a certain friend from western North Carolina.

Number 4

I am resolved to become a better photographer. I sense a growing passion to elevate my photographs to an art form (even if only for my own pleasure) and this will not be done without study and application.

Number 3

I am resolved to loose a minimum of 2 pounds per month and perhaps partake in a little exercise. At my age I can’t hope to be sculpted, but maybe I can look a little better than I do now. With a cruise on the Disney Dream scheduled for February 27, 2011, that would mean dropping 28 pounds. I can live with that goal.

Number 2

I am resolved to be more consistent in writing and posting to my blog. Let’s face it, 57 posts in a year is not that impressive. But to be more consistent will mean taking things in a different direction from time to time. This means more non-Disney content, but content that will be of equal interest to the readers. I am reminded that a blog is (as defined by Merriam-Webster) an “online personal journal with reflections and comments.” Though I love Disney, there are other areas of life that interest me and I can reflect and comment on.

Number 1

I am resolved to love my family more in this new year than I did in the past year. I will become a better husband, father, grandfather, son, brother, uncle, in-law, and friend.

So there you have it - Doc’s Top Seven Resolutions for 2010. Yes, there are honorable mentions, but these are the most important.

If you are one to make resolutions, then I wish you the very best in striving for your goals in the new year.

More to follow...

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