Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Still Dabbling Some More...

Cinderella Castle affords the park guest many spectacular views. There is the quintessential view of looking down Main Street U.S.A. and seeing the castle beckoning you onward. Then you have the shot where you place the Partners statue in the foreground with the castle just in the background. If you get this shot shortly after rope drop, you have a near empty background. Another favorite is the castle from the Liberty Square Bridge. You know the one with the castle reflection in the waterway.

One we explored earlier was a photograph taken of the walkway leading down from the castle to the Fairytale Garden. Today, submitted for your viewing pleasure, is another from this angle. Only this time it is the castle at the finale of the 10:35 Dream Along With Mickey show.

Isn't it wonderful what the camera can see while waiting two hours with your granddaughter to meet Rapunzel?

And by the way, it was worth every minute of the wait to see one my granddaughters wishes come true.

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Gerrie said...

This is a beautiful picture. Great post too!