Monday, July 18, 2011

Disney World After Dark: Morocco

"Moroccan artisans spent months creating the detailed geometric patterns in the buildings, like the Koutoubia Minaret, a recreation of the famous prayer tower in Marrakesh that stands guard over the entrance to the Morocco pavilion." So reads the text from the 1983-1988 section of Walt Disney World Resort: A Magical Year-By-Year Journey, the 1998 Edition. I found this book yesterday this past Saturday while rummaging around our local Goodwill Store.

The Morocco Pavilion opened along the World Showcase on September 7, 1984. For years it was a pavilion that I would pass by thinking there was no real reason to spend time there. That was a big mistake. It is rich in beauty and offers insight to a culture that we are all too unfamiliar with. For me, it is that reason that makes it one of the gems of the World Showcase.
I fell in love with the Morocco pavilion late in my obsession and I wish that had not been the case. By day it is a lesson in the artistry of a people then by night it becomes a place of quiet mystery. Step in. Imagine.

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