Sunday, March 13, 2011

Something On A Sunday

Today is the beginning of Daylight Savings Time and while I don't care for losing an hour of sleep, I do enjoy having more sunlight at the end of the work day. Though we still have a few days until the "official" first day of Spring, the spring forward in time marks an "unofficial" beginning for many people. With Spring also comes the desire to be outdoors more and for my wife and I, it means the time to take a few back roads road trips.

We don't seem to make as many of these as we would like. Perhaps the 2011 focus of downsizing and simplifying may help with that. I suppose we'll have to see the results of this as the year goes on.

The purpose of these trips, in the event you are somewhat new to the blog, is to get out on the road and see where the day takes you. Throw the cameras and a few snacks in the truck. Plug in the iPod and point in a direction, and take off. The only rule is you can't get on an interstate. We use U.S. highways, State routes, whatever. But the road can't be marked with an "I".

Now Beechgrove, Tennessee is approximately 54 miles from my house if we were to drive I-24 east towards Chattanooga. But, if we were to take I-24, I would not have found this.
Today it is called the Beechgrove General Store. But, in 1924, it was called Ms. Brown's Country and Kitchen. And yes, it still has a kitchen serving up a counter service fare that has stood the test of time. We sampled but didn't have much, as we had a date at the Bell Buckle Cafe later that afternoon. The floors are wooden, the displays are circa 1950s, and there is still a picture on the wall of Jack and Bobby Kennedy.

We live in a society that wants everything yesterday, and I am trying hard to not do that. I am not being very successful just yet, but I am trying. Slowing down, getting off the fast lane, taking a route where the speed limit changes every few miles; that is my goal. A few road trips are on the horizon as are a few weekends finding a few trails to hike here in Middle Tennessee. But, hey, that's just me.

More to follow...

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Winnetta said...

Thanks for this! Just the kind of place my husband and I would love to check out!