Friday, March 18, 2011

Photo Phriday

I have been known to take a few photographs while visiting the parks. But this past trip I tried to slow down a bit and not carry my regular compliment of cameras to the parks everyday. In fact, the first two days of our recent trip I only carried my Canon Vixia, figuring I could capture both video and stills as needed with a single camera. This was great. It meant my wife and I could walk through the parks, slowly, not having to worry about what my photographic agenda was. Frankly, I didn't have one. It was more important to simply enjoy being with "my heartbeat", my wife, and enjoy time in some of my favorite places on earth.

But while this was wonderful, it did mean I came home with fewer photographs than I thought I'd take. Photographs say, of, the Disney Dream. I was too busy having a great time to do what I would ordinarily do; take a lot of photographs. But this too was wonderful. I spent a great time with my wife and with good friends.

Still, there was one photograph I have been wanting to take for some time and kept missing it. The shot would pass me by and I'd be left standing there with my camera still nicely tucked away. But having the mindset of slowing down, and with two days in the parks following the cruise, I was determined to get the picture. I stopped and waited for the opportunity.

What is it you ask? Well, here it is.

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Stephanie said...

Very nice!!!!!

I admit, I don't take as many pics as I used to. Those first few trips, I'd have 1000 pics on my memory card to sort through and try and pick a couple hundred for my album. Plus add Photopass pics.

This last trip was just me and my daughter, 5 days. I didn't expect to take too many. But there was the new parade at DHS and the new Castle light show at the Flower and Garden Festival. So I took more than expected...but it was only about 475. How many pics of the park icons does one need??? I do like pics of the kids with park icons, since they grow form year to year, but I rarely take pics of the castle alone any more. It hasn't changed over the last few years!! :)

I know our next trip will have a high picture mom and dad are coming with us for the first time ever!