Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Sign Its Saturday

I could call this the "A Sign Its Saturday - The Better Late Than Never" edition. I really meant to get upstairs and work on a few photographs this past Saturday, but spent most of my day in the kitchen preparing for a few Disney friends to visit that evening. I also used that time to work on a new Dining With Doc installment. What was on the menu? Chocolate Mousse Cake. How did it go? Well, I'll post about it later. But let me just say, it will not go down as one of my culinary successes. If you could get past the appearance it tasted great. But somehow I feel that it was supposed to look differently.

But I digress. Keeping with the Adventureland theme of the month, I give you the sign of an attraction that I have yet to ride.
Am I alone here or are there others of you who haven't flown on the Carpets? Dumbo I can do; just not the carpets.

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Nancy said...

I've only ridden it once or twice but it was actually quite fun. You should give it a try.