Thursday, March 10, 2011

Disney World After Dark: A Surprise

I feel fairly certain that I was not the only one surprised by Tangled. Quite honestly, I thought this would be a film that I could possibly wait until the DVD release before seeing it. But a postponed trip to Walt Disney World following Christmas gave my wife and I time to visit the theater on more than one occasion. On one of these, we saw the film, and I was surprised at how much I liked it. I thought the animation was exceptional and it was a good story. And let's be honest here, I teared up a little now and then. Especially during the song, I See the Light, and all the floating lights were released.

As I was making my way around the World Showcase this past week, I was also surprised with the addition of a new tower along the promenade. In the Germany pavilion, adjacent to the trains, stands Rapunzel's tower. Stop and listen long enough and you'll hear a familiar tune.


african company said...

That makes me so happy. We loved Tangled so much I literally dropped Bet and David at home and ran to Target to buy her the Tangled dolls - and that's saying something, because that is just NOT something I do. Bet loved it so much she didn't want me to cut her hair for a couple of months afterwards. It's honestly right up there on my favs list, for a lot of reasons. So glad you loved it!

LyndaPoo said...

oops - let someone else use my computer the other day and apparently it never signed them out of my google account - this is lynda! and so is the above message.

Stephanie said...

I saw the tower in WS last weekend so cute! The movie is fantastic!!

Scott said...

We all loved Tangled also. So much better than we expected.

I am trying to visualize where the tower is. Is it a full sized building or something on a smaller scale?

D.O.C. said...

Lynda, you had me Bet. You need to come hang out soon. This months get together will feature French cuisine.

Stephanie, we may have been in the parks at the same time.

Scott, it is a scaled tower on literally sits on the same ground as the train display in Germany.