Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Sign Its Saturday

Les Chefs de France is quite possibly my favorite restaurant in all of Walt Disney World. I say this not for the food, though I do think it is quite good and ranks among some of the best in Epcot. No, it is because of memories.

Les Chefs has been the venue for several great dinners with family, friends and alone. I recall dining there with my children and my grandmother only a few months after my grandfather died. This was the day my grandmother first looked at Spaceship Earth and said, "I never thought I'd live to see this site." I celebrated my pre-50th Birthday dinner in '07, my daughter's treat. This was the first time ever tried escargot. Add to that, watching IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth while enjoying the Creme Brulee and espresso was nice. This last year we celebrated my daughter-in-laws birthday at Chefs. Not only was it special because it was her birthday, but it was my grandchildren's introduction to the restaurant, making it five generations of my family to have dined there.

Some of you may recall a time not so many years ago when the promenade side of Les Chefs was fronted by a little establishment called Au Petit Cafe. Many journeys along the World Showcase would include a stop under the canopy. There I'd find a table and enjoy a nice Assiette de fromages de France or Soupe a l'oignon Gratinee usually accompanied by a nice cab. Not quite the Champs Elysees, but nice. In truth, I believe the enclosure of the Cafe, while it added tables to Les Chefs, took away a little something from the pavilion. I would welcome the return of a sidewalk cafe to this little piece of France.

I look forward to my next visit to the World and the opportunity to enjoy a nice meal before IllumiNations with my Little Mermaid - my granddaughter.

More to follow...

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