Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Sign Its Saturday

I believe for the month of September, I'll stay in France. Along the World Showcase, I think that Morocco is the most photographic pavilion, followed by China, but France will always be my favorite. As I mentioned last week, and on other occasions, it is here that my love for Walt Disney World was rekindled.
This Saturday, the Arcade. In the France Pavilion, entering the Arcade provides you with access to La Signature and the Plume Et Palette. It also acts as a passage to Character Meet and Greet opportunities.

The sign is patterned after signage used to mark entrances and exits to the Metropolitan, or Metro in Paris. Many of the Metro signs that you see around city are influenced by the Art Nouveau style of art and architecture popular during the turn of the 20th Century. This particular example found in the pavilion finds its influence from the entrance of the Abbesses Station in the Montmartre area of the city. The station was opened October 31, 1912.

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