Thursday, September 16, 2010

Dining With Doc: Intermission

For those of you checking out the blog expecting to see another installment of Dining with Doc, let me apologize. It was my intention to cook last night and have a nice article posted this morning for your enjoyment. Sadly, that is not case.

A family emergency has taken my wife out of town and I prefer to cook when she is able to enjoy it. She encouraged me to go ahead and share something simple, like the PB&J Shake from the 50s Prime Time Cafe. But again, I like sharing these things with my wife before I share them with you; even though she is not a fan of the PB&J Shake.

She'll be back in town on Monday and I'll have something cooked up to share with you next week. And since it will be the first day of Fall, why not try something like Walt Disney's Own Chili and Beans? In the meantime, I hoped you enjoyed reading my 300th post.

More to follow...

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