Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Let Me Recommend...

Let me draw you're attention to a blog I've been following of late. It is called The Relocated Tourist. It tells the story of Going from 'What If?' to 'Why Not!'. The blog chronicles the adventures of Carl and Ellie Peters and their daughters as they prepare to move to Central Florida to be close to the Magic.

Wow! They are preparing to live the dream that perhaps, many of us have.

In a recent post entitled 300 Days and Counting, they commemorated this milestone in their countdown by listing 300 things they are looking forward to once they have relocated. It is a great list and reminds me of my moments of daydreaming that I call "if i lived in central florida i'd..."

Stop by their site and take a look, and be sure to check in frequently. For those of us who harbor even the slightest hope of someday living within after work distance from the parks, their journey will inspire you.

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