Saturday, December 4, 2010

A Sign Its Saturday

I thought I'd offer just a bit of a twist on A Sign Its Saturday this morning. We'll visit The Land with two people I am big fan's of...
Father (my son)
Son (my grandson)

I suppose the desire and willingness to mug for the camera is a family trait.

(Note to self: I need a photograph of myself mugging for the camera in front of The Land sign.)


WDWDisneyDiva said...

super cute! You were hullabaloo at today :)

Ryan P. Wilson said...

I volunteer for camera duty for said sign mugging! (wait, that didn't sound right...)

D.O.C. said...

Ryan, the honor (if you can call it that) is yours. Now we just have to find a time when we're both there at the same time; a problem of late. Perhaps sometime around 04.16.