Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Pirates Life For Us... or maybe not

It is beginning to be an exciting time around Doc's house. We are approaching Christmas and the decorations are making their way, although slowly, into the decor. But another exciting aspect of this holiday season is an upcoming trip with my granddaughter to Walt Disney World the day following Christmas. And thinking of all the fun we will have has me reminiscing about the fun my grandson and I had last October. With that, I thought I'd share another Character Connection with Devon. I learned a lot from Devon during that trip.

I always look forward to what I learn from my grandchildren. I have lived a few years on this earth and I am amazed at how little I know at times. I am amazed that the people who I think move faster than anyone in my family, my grandchildren, are the ones who teach me to slow down. I am looking forward to learning something from Shelby - to know that it isn't about the rides or attractions, it isn't about the all the photographs. No, it is about the experience of sharing an extended moment in life with one of the most precious individuals in my life. It is about not seeing things through my eyes, but through theirs. Now, I have the opportunity to schooled a bit more; or to borrow a thought from the film Hook, how not to become a pirate but to stay a Lost Boy.

And now that I think about it, isn't that what Walt Disney World is? Isn't it a place where we can become lost? Lost in a time and place where the real world is a place for grown-ups; not for us.

Thanks kids. I appreciate the lessons.

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