Tuesday, December 28, 2010

And The Survey Says...

There are times when I think, why put up a poll when you think you already know how it will turn out? That is the case with this poll. I have a very good idea how it will go, but I am asking the question at any rate. There was a poll not long ago when I thought something would be a runaway and was pleasantly surprised. This could be the case here.

Onward with this weeks question. "Of these, which extinct attraction would you most like to see restored?" The choices are:

- Communicore (yeah, I know, it wasn't an attraction like the others, but I still liked it very much and miss it still)
- Horizons
- Journey into Imagination
- The Living Seas
- World of Motion

Okay, the poll is open. And feel free to comment on why you chose the way you did, or if you think something else should have been included. I know I may hear from a few Body Wars and Cranium Command fans out there.

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RabidLeroy said...

While I obviously might mention WoL's bygone exhibits (Cranium Command, anyone?), I'm gonna have to start off with Horizons, because with regard to how it summed up Future World and applied it to what's to come in, well, the future, it was a timeless yet memorable highlight worth reflecting and remembering in terms of its role in EPCOT history.