Monday, April 20, 2009


...I turn 52. Last night I saw Paul McCartney in "The Joint" at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. Tonight I will be experiencing Cirque du Soleil "Love" at the Mirage, following my birthday dinner at the Eiffel Tower in Paris Las Vegas. Life is good!

But what makes life great is family! Today, I simply want to reflect on and give thanks for the greatest gifts I could ever hope to receive. Their names are Mom, Gregory Jr. and Jennifer, Ali and Ryan, Cindi and Keith, Jeff and Camille, Devon, Shelby, Luke, Emmery, Jackson, Christian, and my very heartbeat, my wife Gerrie. This is my family and they are precious to me. I am also blessed with friends, near and far. There are far too many to name for fear of leaving someone out.

For you, family and friends, and those of you I have not yet met, but who are reading this post, I offer you three things that I have learned (one of which I have mentioned in prior posts).

  1. We all have to grow old, but we do not have to grow up.
  2. With each day that passes, we have fewer "one of these days," so perhaps we should start living our "one of these days" today.
  3. We work to live; not live to work.

More to follow...