Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Disney World After Dark: A Mountain

A long time ago when I was a child, I remember a story titled, "The Boy and The Moon." I don't remember much about the story, except that in it a little boy would set and cry at the moon, saying, "The moon, the moon, I want the moon." He would say this over and over, and would plead with his father to give him the moon. At the end of the story the father granted the child's wish and gave it to him and boy went and lived on the moon. The boy was so happy. But, of course, the father was sad. From then on the father would go out each night and look at the moon and visit with his son. Even though he was sad, he was happy too, because he knew that his son was happy.

That is the story as best as I can remember it. I have searched for a copy for years now. I knew it, not from a book, but from a 78 rpm record that played on our family console stereo. The record has long since dissappeared. Knowing that "Google is our friend" I have searched there. Nothing. I had hoped it may have been one of Aesop's Fables, but it is not. Not that I have found at any rate.

So, my search for the story continues.

This photo of the moon over Expedition Everest reminds me of this story and my memory of it. I hope it may inspire some memory from your childhood.

More to follow...


-- Ryan P. Wilson said...

The moon has always tugged at me. I always dreamed of reaching the moon, I am fascinated by the many faces it presents in the night sky, and, I suppose I should mention, as a small child I reached up to the sky and said "moon." It was my first word.

Wonk said...

That's a very pretty picture - was it taken from inside the park? I know AK usually shuts before dark.

D.O.C. said...

Thanks for sharing that Ryan.

Wonk, the photo was taken from inside the park. During the winter months, while we are not under Daylight Saving Time, and when DAK is having Extra Magic Hours, you can be in the park after dark. In all my trips there, this was the first occasion I had to photograph DAK at night. I am glad you liked the photo.

Wonk said...

Oh that's cool then, I'm not usually visiting during the winter months so guess I've just not been paying attention to the EMH when they occur there.

Will definitely have to make more effort if I get the opportunity in future though, I imagine it's quite atmospheric in there after dark!