Sunday, April 5, 2009


Moving forward, The Disney Obsession will begin to explore other parts of Doc's World. No fear, there will be Disney, but from time to time I'll be writing about other things. As hard as it may be to comprehend, there are other things in life besides Disney. Not many come to mind right off hand, but I know there are some.

Now, that was not true, several things come to mind. But in particular, today I want to share about a new neighbor that is moving in. I was working in the back yard yesterday, trimming shrubs, pulling weeds, and dreaming of my own personal "Storybookland" in a corner of the yard. I can't manage the canal boats mind you, but I do think I could manage a miniature vignette. So, I dream about that while I work in the yard. Belle's village perhaps.

So anyway, I was working in the yard and thinking all that needs to be done over the next few weeks. Mrs. Doc and I will plant some flowers in containers scattered about and we're considering a small recession garden in area once occupied by a framed awning. The awning is no longer but the frame remains and we have a climbing rose bush trained up one of the four legs. I was working on this today and looking up, noticed a birds nest constructed between the leg and the house. I stepped back and stood still for a while to give the bird a chance to return. In about 5 minutes, along came a robin. Soon, it will be plural.

Meet our new neighbor!

P.s. I noticed that things have finally begun to thaw in Passamaquoddy.

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