Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Obligatory Pre-MouseFest Post - Part Three

There are very few things that I enjoy doing on a Saturday than what I call puttering. I usually wake up when I wish, have a full breakfast (something I don't have time to do on weekdays) with Mrs. Doc, then spend most of the day just puttering. I am sure we all do this; we may just have different names for it. This Saturday I am partaking in what I call, puttering with purpose. It is Disney prep day!

So, I have clothes washing and drying, camera lenses being cleaned, packing lists being checked and rechecked, and so on. I almost feel like Santa Claus. I am also stopping now and then to do a little house work. Some of the local NFFC are coming over tomorrow evening to compare are MouseFest meet reschedules. Oh, and we'll have a few Dole Whips while we're sharing.

I am also taking one last stab at trying to secure the illusive Le Cellier ADR.

Tonight I'll perform the role of Willie Wainwright for my last time before leaving for the 'Fest, leaving him in the capable hands of an understudy. Once I am back in town here I'll have another weekend of shows, but really, this year, nothing was going to stand between MouseFest and Doc.

This Saturday is a busy day but one filled with all the hopes I have for a memorable week that lies ahead. So, I suppose I should get back to my puttering.

More to follow...

Doc as Willie Wainwright performing "Wine into Water" from A Scattered Smothered and Covered Christmas

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