Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Obligatory Pre-MouseFest Post – Part Two

Oh good, you’re back. In yesterday’s post we considered a number of different things I’ll be doing, “this time next week.” But rather than continuing to outline my whole “planned” MouseFest 2008 experience with paragraphs beginning with “This time next week…” I thought I would spend a few paragraphs exploring what it is that I most look forward to.

My purpose for making this third trip to Walt Disney World this year is friendship; pure and simple. My good friend Ryan mentioned this in his Thanksgiving post and I can echo many of his sentiments. Since becoming a part of this extended Disney family I have made friendships that I hope to carry with me as long as this old soul continues to draw breath.
These friendships I speak of have grown into areas beyond an unusually fervent love for things Disney. We share concerns for each others families and have discovered that we share many other common interests. Honestly, if I have not received a few texts from my fellow Doc, or a handful of emails from my friends in North Carolina, I become concerned. I feel certain that this is true for many of us.

And I must add here that I now show more than a passing interest in the New York Giants, due completely to a growing friendship with Lou. Okay, that is the main reason, but I also have an interest in the team the Titans could very well face in the Super Bowl.

But that is another story for another time. Let’s get back to the subject at hand.

“This time next week” my circle of friends will begin to widen and by the time I fly home on Monday, I will do so knowing there are so many more people that I care about now. There will be more friendships to nurture and grow along with a host of new memories to celebrate. This is important to me.

Like many of you, I have felt isolated in my obsession for Disney and started this blog as a way of sharing some of what Disney means to me. In the course of doing so I discovered you; the other ones who have also, at some point, felt like I have. Now, without ever going to a MouseFest or a Magic Meets, I have found that I was never as isolated as I thought. In fact, it is much to the contrary.

“It’s a big blue world” and this time next week I am diving into a sea of like minded Disney enthusiast. If I can back to shore with a few hundred new, really good friends, then I suppose I could think of it as a good time.

So let’s see, there are 943 people registered for MouseFest. Doable? I think so.

“Just keep swimming.”

More to follow…

P.s. The Nemo references are a sub-luminal encouragement for those of you attending MouseFest to check out the Those Darn Cats “Fish Are Friends” meet on Friday and All About the Mouse’s “Eating Nemo” event on Saturday. I’ll be there. You see, and I didn’t even shamelessly plug “The Unofficial Rocking Chair Meet” on Thursday, December 11th beginning at 6:00 p.m. at the Exhibition Hall on Town Square. Oops!


Craig Wheeler said...

Have fun at your first meet. I went to Magic Meets this year and it was a blast meeting a bunch of new people and many of the podcasters and authors. I know you will have a great time. Enjoy!

sambycat said...

LOVED the wdw radio show segment! can't wait to see you in a week!

Jennifer said...

Looking forward to seeing you next week! I can't believe MouseFest is almost here!