Saturday, January 12, 2008

Where In The World

Last weeks Where In The World photo was indeed a section of one of the fountains found outside the Imagination pavilion. Congratulations to first time visitor Daniel Ross who is Living the Yellow Jacket Life at Georgia Tech.

Alright then. I feel that the last few weeks entries to the WITW series have been fairly easy. It may be time to elevate the challenge just a bit.

I give you, the Fifty in Disney composite challenge. Huh? Last April I turned 50 and my family thought it would be a great idea for me to celebrate at my Happy Place. So in the months leading up to the blessed event I sent out monthly newsletters with information about the vacation, games, trivia, etc. The composite to the left was in the March 2007 issue.

You'll recognize some items fairly easily and some may be a bit more difficult. In fact, one has already made a WITW appearance a few weeks back.

As for hints, here are a few. I have used photographs from all four parks and Downtown Disney. And just like the hint from the Gates of Africa, some of the photos are a part of the whole. I have added numbers to the bottom right corner of each photo as a reference.

So, there you are. Take the challenge or enlist your families and friends and have some fun. My family and friends did. Oh, and turning fifty in Disney was not to shabby either.


-- Ryan P. Wilson said...

Hmm, this appears to be a true challenge Doc, even to Geeks and Nerds like George and I. I'd better get crackin'!

Daniel Ross said...
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-- Ryan P. Wilson said...

Okay, so I think this is going to take a group effort. So I am gonig to throw out a couple, and maybe together we can fight our way through Doc's Gauntlet.

1 - Innoventions Plaza Awnings
3 - the Zip A Dee Lady riverboat from the finale of Splash Mountain
4 – Prayer Flags in Animal Kingdom’s Asia
8 – Tomatoes from Mickey’s Garden in Toontown
9 – Outpost in Epcot

Alright, anyone else have others they would like to add? Or are we going to let Doc stump us?

1983horizons1 said...

ryan's gueses look good, and here's mine:

2 - Neon Pluto on top of one of the Hollywood Blvd. buildings

11 - (forgot the name of this) dinosaur sculpture somewhere between Chester and Hester's and the Dino Institute

12 - Astro Orbiter

*10 - not sure about this one, but it looks like a chair from the France Pavilion

7 is going to be a "duh" moment for me when someone gets it right. It looks so familiar...

this was fun! great pictures and a great range of challenge!

D.O.C. said...

Is it time for a few hints?