Saturday, January 12, 2008

What Sites Do I Visit?

Recently, DisFriends asked the question, "What Sites Do You Visit?" as part of their journal entry initiative. I posted an entry there and I thought I would add it here. It is sort of my tribute to those who inspired The Disney Obsession.

Here it is.

There are a few. My favorite is The Disney Obsession! I like to drop by every morning and every evening to see if anyone has left a comment. I suppose it is what we bloggers do; not only are we obsessed with Disney, but we are also obsessed with receiving comments.

But, I started The Disney Obsession because of the other great blogs that I read. There is a wonderful little thing that inspires us all called 2719 Hyperion. Jeff Pepper puts up great content and graphics that spur us all on to higher levels.

The Taylor brothers over at Imaginerding will help you get your "nerd" on. They also provide great information on books. Check out their recent recommendation on The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World by Bob Sehlinger. I'll be going by the bookstore this weekend.

Ryan is the editor of the Main Street Gazette. He comments on a variety of different topics. I recommend checking out his new series called "Once..." You'll enjoy his "dramatizations, fan fiction, or down right tawdry rubbish." I did.

At If We Can Dream It..., Jessica explores the often overlooked and under appreciated details of the parks. Together with Foxxfur's essays on parkeology at Passport to Dreams Old and New, you will become expert on the details of the parks.

Can I go on? I sure can.

I have recently been making daily visits to Broke Hoedown, my life on the WDW d-list (I have been getting a real kick out of these two sites), My Disney Blog, Grumpy's Hollow, Blue Sky Disney, Epcot Central and others. Could I simply check my RSS feeds? Sure. But I like to visit.

Oh, and don't forget to check out some stunning photography at TMIP. Whenever you need a little virtual Disney, Tim's can set you up.

So there you are. Those are most (not all) of the sites I visit on a daily basis. And, hey, I do it all before leaving for work. I suppose that could be a reason why I seem to stayed tired.



-- Ryan P. Wilson said...

Thank you so mcuh for the extremely kind words Doc! Hearing that people enjoy your work, especially from friends you have made within the community, does my heart a world of good!

Grumpwurst (Ray) said...

I agree with Ryan. It's always nice to hear someone appreciates your work

Jennifer said...

Thanks so much for the kind words!

Tim said...

thanks for the plug, doc. really appreciate it. i am new to your blog but you have some great stuff here. keep up the good work.

Jeff Pepper said...

Thanks for the mention and the very nice things you had to say. Very much appreciated!