Saturday, January 26, 2008

Disney World After Dark: Morocco

Leaving Japan, we continue on our evening stroll around the World Showcase. Our next port-of-call is Morocco.

“On the drawing boards along with the rest of the opening-day pavilions, the Morocco pavilion did not actually open until September 7, 1984, nearly two years after the rest of World Showcase. The pavilion is a true celebration of the architecture and ornamentation of Morocco, welcoming visitors with its warm earth tones and green tile roofs, as well as its inviting geometric patterns and sensual textures.”

from Since the World Began by Jeff Kurtti, pg. 113

I also enjoy the passage from Birnbaum’s World Disney World. This from page 148 of the 2007 edition, “Nine tons of tile were handmade, hand cut, and shipped to Epcot to create this World Showcase pavilion. To capture the unique quality of this North African country’s architecture, Moroccan artisans came to Epcot to practice the mosaic art that has been a part of their homeland for thousands of years.”

Morocco is a pavilion that has grown on me through the years. The detail is rich and you can lose yourself as you wander deeper and deeper into the street atmosphere. The intricate designs are a photographers dream.

Enjoy the mystery of Morocco!


Nero2007 said...

I just left a comment in another post. As I don't know if you will get it, because it's an old one, I decided to copy the comment, if you don't mind. It's because it's really worth saying it:

Today I accidentally reached your blog and just love it. I can truly say that I'm a Disney obsessive compulsive. I've just read your post and I cried. I cried because it's wonderful to see in someone's words all my feelings about DisneyWorld and the World of Disney. I'm 37 and I'm Brazilian. I really REALLY love Disney movies and they are my favorite childhood memories. I first went to WDW in 1995 and I cried when I got there and saw the castle. Since then I've been there 7 times. I would love to go there more often, but as I live far, it's not that easy. I went to Disneyland on Jan 05, 2007 for the first time. I cried again. I still have a lump in my throat while I write to you. Everytime I leave Magic Kingdom, I look back and think: 'I'll come back as soon as I can. I promise.' Thanks for sharing your passion with us. It's soo good to feel that the magic is the same.

Biblioadonis aka George said...


Morocco is an amazing Pavilion. No matter how many times I've walked through it, I never seem to take it all in.