Saturday, January 26, 2008

Editor's Note...

Our technical difficulties have not been completely handled, I am sad to say. I am also sad to admit that I am not savvy in the ways of Information Technology. So when it comes to such things as “ipconfig”, “ping” and so forth, I am at a complete loss.

Yet, in my ignorance I must ask, is it too much to ask for a router to work once it is properly installed? Why must one stay on the phone to someone in another country for hour and a half, and still not have a working wireless router?

I go to the store, I purchase a router, and I follow the installation instructions to the letter. I expect it to work. Is that wrong?

I know this is a Disney blog. It is supposed to be always happy. At least I believe that is what we endeavor to do in our posts; spread happiness. But forgive me this go ‘round. I am frustrated. I have missed my posts. I missed honoring a Disney Legend a few days ago and celebrating the release of 101 Dalmations.

So, I have temporarily plugged my laptop into the modem and send these thoughts. Old school? Yes, but I had to get a post fix real quick.

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