Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Sign Its Saturday

On a regular stroll around the World Showcase, I often will pass by Norway. True, there are interesting elements of the pavilion, but the photographs I will most often take are available from the promenade; the Stave Church, the grass roof beside the Kringla Bakeri, the flowers near the walkway. I will sometimes walk into the Stave Church to enjoy its background music. This is especially nice just after dusk as the combination of time and sound have a transportive effect on me. Still, I often will pass by and not walk far into Norway.

On a recent trip I decided to do so, simply to shot a few photographs for the A Sign... series. This was the first. Incidentally, fjording is an alternative name for the Norwegian Fjord Horse.

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Kathy said...

Great idea for a pictorial series!