Monday, May 16, 2011


This has not been a month for keeping my resolution to post at least 10 items. You'd think that would be easy right? Especially with a blog that seems to do little more than post photographs. So for this lapse in content, I apologize.

Can we be honest here? For awhile now I have had the thought of giving up the blog. I believe that when it comes to Disney content, there are a lot of great sites. Sites that are providing readers with a wide variety of content; old and new, nostalgic and forward looking. I have often thought would this little endeavor be missed? My answer has usually been, "probably not."

This month has provided a great deal of distractions; some important, others not. There are things around the house that need tending to, other goals in life that need to be fleshed out and addressed and then, there are times when you simply come home from a busy day at work and not want to do anything. And I have had a few of those lately.

But you know, as these days of May have progressed I have decided that I really don't want to give up the blog. Although my output is minimal, not cutting edge and tends not to shed light on new and exciting things, it does, from time to time amuse. A photograph may take you away for just a moment from whatever your day is and cause you to smile. It may ask you to stop and think that there is not a whole lot on this earth that is more important than family and the time we have with them and give to them. That are blogs that I read that challenge me to dream; to ask myself, "What is my dream?" Perhaps The Disney Obsession has caused you to dream - to look beyond today.

I realize that I repeat myself at times and I know I have mentioned this previously. But, as I continue with The Disney Obsession you may find me writing about other things from time to time. I don't feel that I can stop posting (deep down I'd come to miss it) but I know that to continue means a change here and there. It is all part of the search for that dream that moves me forward. The blog may more closely resemble its tagline, "celebrating the love of life with a little obsession behavior towards disney thrown in." It may become more of a personal blog, but still contain that Disney passion that perhaps prompted 82 of you to follow the blog. For you, and for me, I promise there will still a great deal of Disney. But as my days continue I know I have so much more to explore.

We all are on a journey and we often encounter twists and turns on the paths we have taken. There is the occasional fork that prompts us to choose one direction over another. And all the while, we constantly need to look at where we have been and think of where we may be headed. We have to ask, "What it is the next thing?" I have a few ideas.

It is an often overused cliche, but it remains true, "keep moving forward".


George Taylor said...

You know that I have always enjoyed the personal approach that you take.

It is always great to read about how passionate you are with your family and friends and experience Disney with them.

That is what is important.

You started the same time that Ryan and I did. I still consider you one of the best because you are honest.

And I consider you a friend.

D.O.C. said...

Thank you George! That means a great deal to me. The work you do is exceptional and I am honored to name you as a friend.

Bird said...

No need to apologize!! I love your blog and am so glad you have decided to keep pursuing it! To be honest, I enjoy the personal touches of life... it makes you more real to me, and less like I am reading something some droid is spitting out there into the blogosphere.

Currently I write three blogs, one a personal family blog, one a Disney blog, and one a "mommy blog". I'd love to combine two of them, not sure which two yet... I look forward to seeing how yours plays out! :-) said...

Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming...
The parks don't change much if you think about it. Little tweak here, bit of paint there, and every once in a while there is a new attraction. I go often and every time it takes me away all over again. If you share a story, a photo, even a thought that sends me back for one little moment, you've made my day.

Thanks for doing what you do.

grumpyfan said...

First time commenter here, but just wanted to say I enjoy your blog, regardless of the frequency. I have wrestled with some of the same issues lately on my own blog, so I understand some of what you're going thru. I started mine in August of 2009 because I had so many ideas in my head that I wanted to share with the WDW community. The ideas kept coming and I wrote pretty regularly throughout most of 2010. But then, the calendar turned to 2011, and the ideas slowed to a trickle, as did my time and energy to write about something, anything. So, I've been somewhat slow in posting this year, and I've even thought about giving it up a time or two. I think I probably asked myself the same question you did, "does it really matter, and will anybody miss it", probably not, but the way I look at it is this is a hobby, an outlet, a way for me to dump my brain of these ideas that I have no idea what to do with. It takes time and energy, and I think I'm learning to just go with the flow and not worry about a quota so much, but just post when I have something to say. Which, I would urge you to do the same. So, what if you don't post x number of times a week/month. It's your blog, do with it as you please, and know that those who you've entertained in the past, will likely keep reading and enjoy what you have to say regardless of how often you do it. And, know too, that you're not alone. I believe those of us who do this as a hobby, probably go thru the same thing from time to time. So, keep it, we're here for you.