Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Years ago my wife made a suggestion that basically said this, "If you're going to collect Disney, why not spend some money and get some really good items?" What she was referring to was penchant for collecting coffee mugs, plastic character figures, and a myriad of other rather inexpensive things. Sure, there was the occasional collectible thrown in, like Grolier figurines or a signed and numbered plate. I felt that if I concentrated on inexpensive items, my money would go further and I would enlarge my collection quickly.

But my wife's words kept coming back to me, and she was right. "If you're going to good items." Words of wisdom, don't you think? Words I have taken to heart.

Now granted, I am not one of those who can walk into a store, point to just any item, say I want it, and then get it. True, I can say I want it all day, but the actual getting it can be problematic. Depending on the item.

For example, take Robert Olszewski. I have made several trips to Walt Disney World over the past few years and each time I will walk into an Art of Disney store and look longingly at the Cinderella Castle miniature. Yes, I could put down the money for the item. It would mean foregoing a table service or two perhaps. But the issue comes from not actually purchasing the Castle; it comes from the felt need that will arise that I must purchase all the other items that make up the miniature collection and then the next thing you know, I am taking out a second mortgage, adding onto my house, and I just can't be bothered with that.

Remember, I have a few dreams I am working on.

But, I have found some things that I can look at, consider, and then actually purchase to add to my "little bit of Disney" at home. They are the Gallery of Light creations by Olszewski. These are illuminated shadowboxes of Disney scenes or characters and I am becoming a huge fan.
The Pinnocchio Workshop of Wonder was the first item to find its way home. This was followed by Peter Pan's Pixie Laughter and A Starlit Bella Notte from Lady and the Tramp.
This past February I had Alice in Wonderland's Mad Tea Party added to the collection.

My last few trips have also found me searching for Peter Pan and the Darling Family Over London and Mary Poppins Over London. This may be something that I'll have to secure from the Olszewski Studios directly, as I have yet to find them in The Art of Disney.

I appreciate the detail and artistic merit of each of these works. So much so that they are part of the LBODIER project here. That would be the Little Bit Of Disney In Every Room project. Yes, the home office carries most of the memoribilia load, but some things find their way out and about, and the Olszewski Gallery of Light collection are some of those things.

I know I have promised a lot of other topics in the future. But let's go ahead and add a bit about the Gallery of Light items in the future shall we. Not about what has been added, but more about how they are made. I am sure there is something out there about that.

Until then, more to follow...


George Taylor said...

Those look simply breathtaking!

Any chance of getting a larger shot of them?

Tweedle D & Tweedle K said...

These are beautiful!! I second George, I'd love to see more photos of them.

Anonymous said...

I met Olsheskie (sp? Hahah) at D23 Expo. His pieces are amazing.
Mary Jo