Monday, March 1, 2010

Two Hundred

It appears like this blog may be around for awhile. Mind you, it may have taken me longer than others to reach the 200 mark, but reached it I have. And with a renewed sense I will keep on.

The resolution I made for myself seems to have taken hold as I continue to plug away. Recapping 2010 so far, I had 11 posts in January and I ended February with 15. Mind you, it isn't all Disney all the time (the sacrilege). But I read somewhere that a "blog is a personal journal with reflections and comments" - thank very much Mr. Webster - so I do not feel so bad about including the non-Disney items here from time to time. But as I said I would do, I am trying to write here with more regularity. Having a calendar to follow and scratching out a little focused time during the month seems to help.

As I plod along, getting older from one day to the next, I feel I need to make an effort to experience more and different things. I may also find myself sharing a bit more of the life that has gone before. Either way, I persevere.

So today, we pause to celebrate 200 posts. Tomorrow, we get back down to business.

More to follow...

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Gator Chris said...

I'm looking forward to the next 200.