Monday, March 22, 2010

Disney World After Dark: Serenity

Being a seasoned visitor to Walt Disney World, I can confidently say that a visit to the parks can be as busy or as leisurely as you wish it to be. There have been times when I would be among the crowds waiting for rope drop and the stay through the very last minute of Extra Magic Hours. Then, there have been times when I would visit without having much of an agenda - meaning there were not many things I considered "must do" for the day.

Either way you choose to visit is alright; obviously it is a personal choice. I have relished the sense of accomplishment that comes from looking at my trip plan and seeing most everything checked off. Then, I have savored those occasions when I find myself walking slowly through a park and simply enjoying being there. There is a certain something that we repeat visitors feel from just being there. It is that something that keeps us coming back and at the same time, makes us misunderstood.

Whether you spend your day racing from one place to another, or rambling through all that has been provided for your senses, there will come a time when you may wish to break away to a quiet place. You will want a place that is not too crowded. If you happen to be on the World Showcase, I recommend China.

The Imagineers have created a pavilion that is at once bustling and tranquil. If is bustling that you want, visit Yong Feng Shangdian. But if it is tranquillity that you desire, find a quiet place to rest in the garden near the Temple of Heaven. As Jeff Kurtti writes of the China Pavilion in Since the World Began, "a calming serenity seems to permeate the space." A selection of traditional music playing in the background will add to the peace you'll find in this place.

Enjoy the quietness of China. And, while you're refreshing yourself, might I recommend the Peach Iced Oolong Tea from the Lotus Blossom or perhaps, the Mango Green Tea from the Joy of Tea.

Since the World Began, Jeff Kurtti, Hyperion 1996, pg. 109

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