Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Dream Book

On my desk at home is a book that I call, The Dream Book. It is a black spiral bound scrapbook actually. Some people would say it is a Bucket List. But for me, it is The Dream Book.

In a way it was inspired by Ellie. It isn't only a scrapbook for things I have done, but also an idea book and scrapbook of the things I want to do. I have not made much progress in filling the book, or in realizing all the dreams; life continues to have a way of getting in the way of even the best laid plans. But, life does not, and can not, stop the dreaming.

From time to time I'll open the book and make a note of something I dream of doing. I'll stick in a post-it note reminding me of the name of my favorite pub in London; just so I don't forget to drop in on my next visit back. Perhaps there is a small picture of one of the hotels I want to stay in when we drive cross-country. You see, I dream of driving along Route 66 as much as I can someday soon. I have pasted in a few maps here and there.

There is a map of the Inside Passage from our cruise in Alaska, along with a few postcards. That was a dream fulfilled. My wife's dream actually, but one I am happy she had and that we worked to accomplish. Alaska is simply spectacular! Breathtaking!

There is so much more to dream about. Like a train trip through the northwest, a cruise on a Disney ship, renewing our vows on our 25th wedding anniversary in Walt Disney World, and we've got a few more grand hotels we need to stay in. Mrs. Doc has never been to Nantucket and I feel she needs to enjoy a picnic lunch during the Daffodil Festival there.

The dreams keep coming and the list keeps growing.

And there is another dream I have. It is a dream I've dreamt for many years; that of one day retiring and working at Walt Disney World. I dreamt that one day I'd be taking tickets at the Epcot turnstiles. Maybe someday that dream will come true. Whether it does or not, it is going in the book and I am going to continue dreaming about it. And if I am not at the entrance of Epcot, well, perhaps they can use a "child at heart" somewhere else in the World.

That is not a bad dream I suppose.

"Remember, we must always believe in our wishes, for they are the magic in the world."

- The Blue Fairy, Wishes!

More dreams to follow...

P.s. How about you? What is in your Dream Book?


Lisa Battista said...

What a wonderful idea. I hope you experience all your dreams.

My husband and I also dream about one day working at the happiest place on earth. Only time will tell...

Scott said...

It's a really great idea. Does Mrs. DOC have input into the book or is it mostly you?

I'd consider working at the theme parks some day but I believe my better half has other plans...:-)

D.O.C. said...

Lisa, if that is your dream, I hope that it comes true.

Scott, Mrs. Doc definitely has input into the book. The Alaska trip was her dream, and we share 50/50 in the dream to get back to London and Paris. Nantucket? That is pretty much her. I have been but she hasn't and wants to go. And last night, Japan got thrown in to the mix.